Sunday, August 26, 2012

Who is SoapShifu

Mummy's little girl
SoapShifu Introduction
It’s a mother's love to my girl that started me off my soap making journey. Remembering the time where I need to spend almost half a day waiting at the clinic to see the Dermatologist and spending sums of dollars on creams, medication and Soap of all kinds. But will only end up seeing her scratching all over her body just like a monkey with fleas all over. This most of the time will lead to blood scars on her body, and as being a mother it really aches my heart.
After tormented for four years, I started to find solution to what is causing her sensitive skin and to my amazement I feel that I have been fooled by advertisements of commercial bathing products my WHOLE entire life thinking how good they were. After understanding those alien chemical contents used in making those soap and how harmful it can be, I suddenly realise that I was the culprit to my girl’s sensitive skin condition. With almost a year of research and learning soap making from a teacher, it has proven my hard work is all worth it. Not only that her skin condition has improved, she now has smooth and tender skin.
In thees years of making handmade soap, I have also understands how nature can help us revive our dull and dry skin and retaining our health. That has urged me to the search of using traditional Chinese medicines and other natural vegan ingredients into my range of soaps.

Best Method In Soap making (COLD PROCESS SOAP)
There are 3 kinds of method to soap making and they are melt and pour, hot process and cold process. The cold process method takes the most time, but is undoubtedly the best method for producing the highest quality soaps which Soapshifu uses combines premium, caustic soda and frozen liquid. Freezing the liquid content in making the soap helps to control the process around room temperature which plays a very important role to retaining the best of all the glycerin (a natural moisturiser) remains intact in the soap. SoapShifu makes all these natural soap in small batch basis where personal attention and care is given to the soap-making process. Giving you the best of quality ensured.

Our natural Additives
In SoapShifu not only do we use pure certified oils. We also incorporate ingredients from natural plants that enhance your skin which also frees your skin  from synthetic chemical. SoapShifu do not use artificial colors or fragrances in our soap bars. These are synthetic chemicals and we don't want them on your skin or going down your drain. We only believe in giving you the best and you deserve the best that why we solely use natural essential oil and colorant from plants and fruits to make our soap look and smell nice.

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