Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Healing Power of Breast Milk

Customised (handmade) Breast Milk Soap

Price: From $95 per kg
Every loving mum will know that breast feeding is the greatest gift a mother could give to their lovely babies. The magnitude benefits of breast milk are unlimited. Most commonly know would be good in digestion, strengthening baby's immune systems. But do you know that its also packed with load of rich natural nutrients which also moisturizes the skin, leaving skin soft and smooth. 
Leukocytes are living cells that are only found in breast milk that help fight infection.These abundant antibodies present have shown to aid 
  1. infections 
  2. heal burns
  3. eczema
  4. sensitive skin 
  5. and many other skin disorder issues proven in a recent study done by researchers.

All Breast milk are stored and freeze at -17 degree Celsius to ensure best kept of nutrients 

WHY are our Breast Milk Soap so Popular?

 Soapshifu takes pride in every bar of soap we make and ensure its made with love and best of quality natural ingredients imported from many parts of the world for you and your little ones'.

Every mummies' Breast Milk are cautiously mixed (using a special secret kept method) where BM are kept at constant low temperature with precise timing while mixing with other natural ingredients to ensure that it doesn't turns (yellow/ dark brown) due to over heating during the process, untactful handling will cause nutrients to drain out during this intricate and time consuming procedure.  

A little town of breast milk soaps

During hot sunny months, haze season at its peak, and poullution on the rise - allergies, eczema, rash and itch will be easily aggravated. And it always aches a mother's heart to see our little angels suffer from these frustrating conditions. knowing the misery of what medicine often provides solutions for these pesky skin conditions through the use of antihistamines, steroids, or topical numbing creams whose side effects may prove worse then the original ailment. It can seem to be an expensive cycle of unending relief.

If you suffer from the above listed ailments, I have hope for you. New research has proven that breast milk has the healing power to eczema, psoriasis, sunburns and itchy dry skin.

Thank you For Loving Soapshifu's 
Customised Breast Milk Soap!

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • 100%VEGAN 
  • Synthetic chemical FREE
  • Manmade Fragrances FREE
  • Artificial Colouring or 
  • Preservatives FREE
Although the idea of rubbing breast milk on your skin may seem a bit unconventional, it is proving to be a safe and sometime superior treatment to other medicinal options. 

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