Thursday, April 11, 2013

Handmade Chamomile Olive Moisturing Cream

A Natural Moisturiser that gives Vibrant and Regenerise skin

50g bottle - $18.90
100g bottle - $35.00

For all skin type  
Skin repair/dull skin/Acne / Rash / sensitive / firming 
100% natural ingredients
Synthetic chemical FREE
Manmade Fragrances FREE
Artificial Colouring or Preservatives FREE 
Freshly handmade moisturising cream that suits the face,body and even sensitive skin. Made in small batches with only our natural Vegan ingredients formula to pamper your fully deserved skin. In Soapshifu's Chamomile Olive cream you will not find harsh chemical, synthetic preservatives and man-made fragrances that are major factors that trigger unhealthy,dry and dull skin.
Try and feel the difference this cream that are love by many!

Love by many
 Here is my little princess in the picture. She has eczema and her skin are very sensitive, especially vulnerable to the strong heat from the sun. Her face develops red rash and itch after exposing under the sun. Picture clearly shows improvements after applying the cream in just 30 mins.

All Olive
 Olivem - A certified organic raw materials -extracted from olive oil

are used in making our "ALL NATURAL" Chamomile Moisturising Cream 
Gentle and non oily texture that 
Increase elasticity to your skin

 **Research indicates that olive oil blocks about 20 percent of the burning rays of the sun, protecting the skin from UV damage to skin cells.
Power Chamomile
Chamomile are known for its’ many healing properties for body and mind. And these little daisies like flowers that consist of anti-inflammatory action work wonders on dry and sensitive skin reducing swelling and irritated skin. 

Scientific studies has shown that chamomile reduces dryness, itching, redness and sensitivity in irritated and inflamed skin which are cause by psoriasis, eczema and skin disorders.

It’s powerful yet mild character makes it suitable to be use on even infants or children. In Aromatherapy studies Chamomile are good in calming and relaxing, it can combat insomnia and stress, eliminates anxiety, aggression, irritability and nervousness. Making it a good natural source to balance our emotional moods in a day of hectic work or school.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our new Look!

Soapshifu - The Natural Shop for your Beauty regime 

100% natural ingredients
Synthetic chemical - FREE
Manmade Fragrances - FREE
Artificial Colouring or Preservatives - FREE