Friday, September 28, 2012

Cucumber Teatree Handmade Soap

My heart drop the moment I see my cucumber toner confiscated by the airport custom from my hand carry bag. (How on earth do I allow myself to make such a mistake.) The next sentence  that came into my mind is “What will become of my face? I can’t live without my cucumber toner!” Well my cucumber teatree soap has proven me wrong. As I was left with no toner, I thought the next nearest thing would be my Cucumber TeaTree Soap (cos 100% freshly squeezed cucumber juice are use in every bar of soap), so I open a bar and started using it, to my amaze I am living WITHOUT my toner for two weeks and my skin condition is even better than previously.

After                                    Before

Photo posted above has not went through any photoshop 

 One year after using Cucumber Teatree soap Firmer, Healthier and younger looking me.

1.      Face T-zone less oily
2.      Skin looks healthy and glows
3.      Skin tone on face more even
4.      Getting Fairer
5.      Blemish and inflammation lessen
6.      No more need of expensive toner (Save $50 a month)
Cucumber Teatree Soap from Soapshifu
Price: $13.90 per pc (100g+-10g)
          $  7.50 per pc (50g+-10g)

Why is Cucumber TeaTree soap so wonderful especially for oily or T-zone facial problem like mine? Here are some benefits you might want to know about this vegetable from the melon family.
100% Freshly squeeze Cucumber Juice
Many of us are no stranger to using cucumber to treat dark eye rings and puffy eyes. This green melon is more than just that, cucumbers contain various vitamins that includes Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc. Which aid a great deal creating healthy, fair and a balance glowing skin tone. Cucumber causes the collagen in your skin to tighten, firming up the outer layer and reducing the visibility of cellulite and ease off the appearance of freckles and blemishes over time after daily use for a period of time. Cucumber are also a very good pacifier to Acne and inflammation.

Natural Green Tea
  1. ·         fights free radicals
  2. ·         rejuvenates skin cells
  3. ·         neutralizes UV light
  4. ·         prevents skin cancer
  5. ·         fights inflammations
  6. ·         fights acne 
Premium quality Wheat Germ Oil
This beauty superfood  are rich in Vitamin A,D & E, essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals  and high in antioxidant and regenerative properties.  Wheat Germ Oil is a wonderful choice for any women’s beauty regimen.  Wheat germ oil aid and enhance skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and especially helpful towards hydrating and balancing sebum for oily skin. 

Get squeaky clean glowing skin fast by exfoliating the inexpensive, natural and effective way - get our Organic Loofah Sponge 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Organic Loofa Sponge

How much do you know about exfoliating your skin?
What benefit do you get?
Want an inexpensive and natural method to exfoliate your skin?

Loofah Vines at Relative's back yard in China
Huge Loofah! Yummy!
When we talk about exfoliate, the first thing that came into our mind would be those synthetic sponges that are easily found in beauty shops. Synthetic sponges are generally made from foamed plastic polymers. These sponges are not 100% natural and so can be quite harsh on skin and unfriendly to the environment as their manufacturing process depends on hydrocarbons which are considered to be ozone-depleting. I strongly do not recommend people with sensitive skin to use synthetic sponges as these sponges might contain artificial chemical that is harmful for our skin.

Dried and process organic loofah sponge. There are tiny holes in the fiber that has great ability to suck up excess oil from our skin.
$9.90 per piece  (est size 10cm x 5cm) Promotional Price.
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You will be glad to know that there is an inexpensive and natural alternative to exfoliate, transforming your dull and yellow skin into glowing, fair and healthy complexion. And it’s a kind of vegetable you can easily find in the market- “Loofah, 水瓜,丝瓜
 Loofah or Luffa are natural sponges harvest from vegetable plants, namely from a species of gourds that are sun dried for their fibrous part.   

Most often, loofah sponges are used for scrubbing and exfoliating dead skin. These natural sponges are gentle and a good way to exfoliate the skin. They are not as abrasive as the synthetic sponges. *( BEWARE-of synthetic loofahs) Natural loofah sponges are coarse in texture and exfoliate the skin like nothing else does. These natural sponges used for cleaning are considered by many professionals to be much better than cleaning synthetic sponges. This is because they are firm, very durable, more dense and absorbent. 

Bathing with natural loofah sponge aid in scrubbing off dead cells and massaging while bathing with the sponge increases blood circulation and enhance the appearance of your skin making it healthier, softer and cleaner. It’s also said that loofah sponge helps in removing ingrown hair when chafed on freshly waxed or shaved skin. The loofah has been used all over the world for the effective body exfoliation.
Hand becomes more fair and smooth with just the first wash with Organic Loofah Sponge
All it takes is just 15 minutes of your bath time, twice a week apply handmade natural soap from SoapShifu on body than massage your body with organic loofah sponge for 15 mins lastly, rinse off soap with warm water and you will be on your way to a squeaky clean glowing skin.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Elder Soya Milk Acne Soap

Elder Soya Milk Acne Soap
Price: $19.90 (100g+-10g)
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Suitable for face and body

Those acne or pimples outbreak seems out of control, the pop ups just wouldn’t stop! Wondering what can you do to eliminate those nasty swollen spots?  Well the most basic method to improve and prevent those outbreaks will be to wash your face. Therefore finding a suitable and good soap is very important. And Soapshifu feels the frustration of having those irritating outbreak and created a bar of Elder Soya Milk which is specialise in aiding and preventing acne and pimple outbreak.

Elder (接骨木)
Elder are one of the most important ingredient that added to this acne soap. As Elder have a lot of benefit contents that aid outbreaks, it act as a gentle but yet effective cleanser for dry to normal skin.  It can minimize inflammation, improve acne or pimples outbreaks. Elder was known for its ability to treat water retention, lighten dark eye circles and helps minimize wrinkles.

 Soya Milk
Some of the benefits of soy milk for the skin include the increase in the levels of collagen in our body. As we age, the collagen that is produced naturally in our bodies, tends to decrease. The collagen helps in holding moisture and helps in keeping the skin supple and highly elastic. Washing your skin with Soya milk will help in visibly reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps in improving the texture of the skin. Other benefits of soy milk for the skin lies in the fact that it helps in hydrating the skin. It works as an excellent moisturizer and keep the skin soft and supple. The skin on the face can appear dull due to the presence of dead skin. Soy milk can act as an excellent exfoliator too. Soy milk consists of protecting properties for the skin from UV damage and aids in preventing the occurrence of acne.

Evening Prime Rose, Grape seed oil & Shea Butter (PREMIUM OIL)
Skins that get acne or pimples outbreak easily can’t use too moisturizing oil in making the soap. So I use refreshing oil texture that is mild and gentle to the skin. Although we try to prevent over moisturizing , but we can’t ignore the fact that our skin require a right amount of moist to maintain Soft, supple and healthy looking skin. This is why I add this wonderful Shea butter in this bar of soap.

Pure Essential Oil
As this bar of soap is “ALL ABOUT ACNE and PIMPLES” the essential oil that I include in making the soap are also well known for its ability to aid these nasty outbreaks. And both Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oil are also effective anti- bacterial agents, this will helps keep skin clean and away from getting inflammation due to bacterial.