Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Le France de Marseille Soap

The Port Town of Marseille

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  Taking a stroll down the historic and picturesque mishmash of sloping streets, lanes of ochre buildings and terraced houses, indeed a scene so picture-perfect. 

Marseille town holds one of the oldest port in France, the colourful Vieux Port (Old Port), crammed with fishing boats and int he heart of Marseille, is Savon de Marseille, the Marseille soap.

  The Marseille soap is one of the oldest moisturising soap that fosters fully vegan soap that uses at least 72% of olive oil.

Le France de Marseille


1. Detox

2. Exfoliate

3. Deep Cleanser

4. Moisturizing

5. Unclog pores

6. Strengthening of skin immunity

Price: $16.90 / 100g

  In Soapshifu`s very own Le France De Marseille soap, we push the boundaries of Marseille soap while retaining its former glory of olive oil base. 

Adding extra virgin olive oil, grape seed oil and shea butter, our Le French De Marseille soap fully maximise its anti- aging and moisturising qualities. 

Our purest form of shea butter is able to amplify our Le France De Marseille soap with its nutritional punch of vitamin A, kicking away blemishes, winkles, eczema, dermatitis and providing a natural source of UV protection for your skin. 

As like every authentic Marseille soap, we blend organic French sea salt into our very own Le French Marseille soap to enhance the anti-toxin and cleansing of clogged pores in our soap, gently exfoliating your skin with every wash.

Scent of the Nature

  Soapshifu believes in giving you every bar of soap made with love. This is why we take your aromatic care into consideration. 

Fused with lavender and eucalyptus essential oil, our Le French Marseille soap delivers a harmony of refreshing scent with benefits like stress relief, anti-insomnia, anti-anxiety/depression, insect repellent, anti-septic and natural sunscreen.

Le French De Marseille soap, a traditional jewel refined.