Friday, November 30, 2012

Why Use Scrub Bag?

Our exclusive handmade scrub bag is specially design to aid in  better storage keeping our natural soap dry and hard to prolong life span and usage.

Scrubbing our series of natural made soap with the scrub bag gives our body a daily require mild exfoliate, getting rid of dead skin cell, enhance blood circulation and brightening up skin tone.

3 In One Benefit!
a) Prolong life span and usage
b) Rid Dead Skin and enhance Blood Circulation
c) Brighten Skin tone
d) Prevent soap from turning soggy
e) Prevent bacteria growth  

U.P. $5.90 each 
             With soap purchase : $3.90 each

**These message is brought to you by Soapshifu.
All the above mentions points are strictly employ only to Scrub bags sold & made by "SOAPSHIFU" and does not apply to other scrub bags from other supplies.