Sunday, August 12, 2012

Numerous Benefits to Natural Handmade Soaps

Suffering from dry, itchy skin? 

Before using handmade soap
After using handmade soap

You might want to checkout the contents in the commercial soap that you are currently using.  Commercially prepared soaps contain dozens of synthetic chemicals designed to preserve the soap and provide additional cleansing properties. The problem is that this makes the soap more of a detergent than a soap, which can be damaging to your skin. 

Any solution?
The answer is "Yes" and its the old fashioned bar of Natural Handmade Soap.
Those who has used Soapshifu Natural Handmade soap would agree that once you lay hand on a bar of "Natural Handmade Soap" you will be using it for a life time!

1) 100% Natural
2) 100% Vegan Made
3) No animal testing
4) Chemical Free
5) Cold process method  (retaining nutrients)

6) No Preservetives

A) Healthier skin
B) Less Sensitive
C) Prevention of cancer and skin disorder
D) Long term benefit 
E) Youthful Skin naturally
F) High content of moisturing 

What exactly is "Natural Handmade Soap?"
Natural Handmade soap is made the old-fashioned way our fore-fathers made soap with Lye, liquid and nutrient- rich plant or animal fats. As you might be alarmed - LYE! a caustic chemical! Well in soap making lye plays a very important role during the soap-making process as it neutralised the fats and create an amazing natural ingredient call "Glycerin". As a hygroscopic substance,soap manufacturers extract these high resale valued glycerin and sell it to other companies to make lotions and creams. Its only handmade soap that retains its natural glycerin that keeps your skin hydrated at all times.

As a soap maker, We take pride in every soap that we craft. We cautiously test all our recipes before putting up the rack for sale and uses premium oils that is Lab safe certify by "Eurofins Group". To ensure 100% natural handmade soap, we keep away from synthetic fragrance oil and artificial chemical colouring and uses essential oil extract from plants and natural additive colours from plants & mineral clay e.g. clay from the "Dead sea". Giving the best natural treats for your skin.
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For as little as the price of one cup of coffee at a cafe, you will be able to enjoy a bar of luxury handmade soap that will last a month or more, leaving your skin soft, supple and healthy after each shower.

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