Saturday, March 9, 2013

Why Handmade soap? 手工调制肥皂和保养品 VS 专柜肥皂和保养品 ,有什么不同?

Handmade soap and skin care products have many advantages
Price affordable
Deliver results
100% natural ingredients
No synthetic chemical
Manmade Fragrances
No Artificial Colouring or Preservatives

What are you paying for ?
  • Counter skin care products is required in the operation of
  • Brand endorsements
  • Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Other operating expenses
This will add on to the cost of product compared to these natural handmade ones it’s definitely more value for money.

Use of preservatives! ! ! !
Commercial bathing and skin care products requires to consider several aspect on the stability of the product  which includes transportation, preservation, climate, storage and other issues, Therefore making the recipe with compulsory consideration of heavy dose preservatives are common practice.
For example,
* Beauty care products from overseas require long period of shipping time.

* Arrived often more than six months from date of manufacture in the hands of consumers.

* Products are display in shopping mall cabinets which are store in high temperature due to the decor spot lights must be stable and durable enough, to keep from degenerating, use of preservatives might needs to be increase

* With requirements to fight antacid, mildew, and bacteria. . . . synthetic preservative are added in such products which might increase the burden of your skin normal function and causes skin irritation or sensitivity.

Charming natural beauty of Soapshifu handmade soap
Our hand-made soap and skin care products consist of the finest natural ingredients which is best for your skin. Which are naturally mild, moisturizing inexpensive for you. We handmade soaps and skin care products with love for you. Wait no more,
feel it to believe it! 

手工调制 的肥皂和保养品大好处

1)    价格平易近人

2)    有效成分高

3)    成分天然(既然是为爱自己,爱家人,爱地球而制作,当然要选用天然成分)。

专柜保养品在操作品牌上需代言,行销,包装等花费,增加不少成本, 售价自然不底,相较于手工 调制的保养品是会更物有所值的哦!

市售 保养品因为运输,保 存,气候,存放等问题,制作配方都得考虑产品的几稳定性。举例来说,噢美保养品经过长时间运送,抵达消费者的手上时常常距离制造日期已超过半年以上。加上摆设在美丽的高温装潢灯光专柜里一定要够稳定,持久,保持不变质的状态,那么,在防腐剂的使用上可能就会多加些。 而且还得对抗酸,霉,菌。。。。 自然就会添加许多皮肤并不需要的成分,若是使用这样的保养品,当然会增加肌肤于身体机能的负担。


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